XCF Token

XCF Tokens are native to the Platform.

XCF utility tokens are used to perform a “consumptive purpose” with the products/services available on the platform for reservation or purchase.

In the case of the Cenfura ecosystem, XCF tokens are native to the platform and act as the medium of exchange and settlement for energy goods and services.

Therefore, transactions initiated with an accepted fiat currency or other allowable tokens will be automatically converted into XCF tokens at the equivalent current market value.

Having a token native to Cenfura brings three primary benefits.

First, a proprietary medium of value exchange allows for a more orderly and autonomous transactional economy between platform participants within the ecosystem.

This includes using smart contracts to lock-in future goods and services, creating ecosystem-specific incentives and rewards, and granting rights.

Second, it helps create an economy around the XCF token and platform, enabling Cenfura to work with both government and non-government entities to implement community-based inclusion initiatives, including energy poverty, energy surety, and small business development programs using the XCF token.

This is especially important to the otherwise unbanked around the world.

Third, Cenfura’s tokens represent prepayment of goods and services on the platform which creates additional working capital enabling Cenfura to grow faster and pursue its vision of accelerating the adoption of clean and locally generated renewable energy across the globe.

The Cenfura Platform
and Tokenization

All Cenfura renewable energy assets across the globe use the Cenfura Platform. All of the functions and services within the Cenfura Platform are tokenized and transactions are settled using XCF tokens.

XCF token Circulation

Token circulation information and numbers can be found from the XCF token circulation information page.