The idea and the benefits behind cryptos or utility tokens are sometimes
somewhat difficult to understand. Let’s have a completely different view of the mechanism to make it easier to understand. Let’s compare it to non-technical, but fundamentally similar phenomena, ‘digital gold’. Traditionally gold has been bought as physical gold coins or bars.



Physical gold is easy to understand, but creates other issues, e.g., transporting or storing safely and legally. Markets have created a new mechanism to address these issues, Digital Gold. Let’s look at the principles of how Digital Gold works. Firstly, the gold company has certified and audited gold in storage. 



Gold investors can buy virtual gold certificates (Digital Gold) with their local currency and receive a right to a certain weight of actual physical gold in the storage. How much gold is allocated depends on gold’s market price. The digital certificate can be easily moved, stored, traded, or even used as collateral for a loan. An investor may also take his portion of the gold out of storage with the certificate, i.e., use the certificate. 





XCF Token


The idea of the XCF token is very similar. The cost of the energy varies by location, time, and buyer’s profile. There is no universal cost. It is also always priced in local currency. 


Payments are made differently country by country and are often slow and costly. XCF simplifies the process. XCF is global and the payment process is always the same. XCF can be sold as prepaid cards, mobile apps, or many other ways, or more tech-savvy users may buy XCF at market price from the crypto exchange.


XCF is the payment in the ecosystem, but tokens can also be stored or traded. All energy contracts globally are always valued in the local currency, but inside the ecosystem, regardless of the country, they are permanently settled in XCF, matching the value in local currency.



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