XCF Features

XCF Payment platform refers to a dedicated energy payment and settlement system that utilizes XCF tokens in transactions. The XCF project team and Cenfura have developed this platform. The initial version 1.0 of the payment platform pilot started in August 2020. Version 1.0 was implemented with a ‘minimum viable product’ level of functionalities. The full-featured  version 2.0 is set to be launched in April 2022.


The payment platform has the following key features:


XCF Features at a glance


Asset and Payment Tokenization

The essential part of the solution is the concept of tokenization. When Cenfura’s assets buy and sell products and services, smart contracts are automatically created. These smart contracts work in the following way: When an asset produces energy, a smart contract kicks in and calculates the selling price of the energy in local fiat currency, and this price is then

converted into XCF tokens at the current market exchange value. The buyer then purchases the energy using XCF tokens, and the asset has its share of tokens deposited into its account. These tokens can then be sold back into the market for local currency, leaving the ecosystem, or the tokens can be

held in reserve. Again, all assets in the Cenfura ecosystem will use XCF tokens.


Interfacing to External Exchanges

The tokenization process is the core platform function, which will transact with the platform exchange to acquire needed XCF tokens for tokenization events. 


Furthermore, to satisfy the availability requirement of XCF tokens for tokenization, the platform exchange interacts with external 3rd party exchange to acquire the XCF tokens from open markets.


Key Components of the XCF Payment Platform

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