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Welcome to the XCF Token Community Information Page!

The XCF Token Community is a global community as such, some clarification needs to be made on which communities the XCF project considers official, and how we are represented there. The XCF project cares heavily about the community, with many initiatives to assist in community building and awareness, as well as making donations to communities who have needs that can be met by the XCF project. 


Our online communities are places of mutual respect and civility, and those who cannot participate in such a way will of course be removed. Questions about the community can be directed to Jussi Schultink: @jussi01 on telegram or via the email communities@xcf-token.io

You can find our full community code of conduct here: https://xcf-token.io/xcf-community-guidelines/  

Community Moderation Teams

The XCF project has teams of volunteers who receive small amounts of rewards in XCF or equivalent to take care of its channels, ensure respectful conversations within the code of conduct and take care of spam and administration issues. 


These moderators have not been briefed on the XCF project internal information and are only there to take care of the community channels. Any answers to questions from them should be taken as an experienced community member’s answers, not as a XCF project Employee’s answer. The moderators do not speak on behalf of the XCF project, except for matters pertaining to the specifics of community moderation.


Official XCF Token Community Venues

XCF Token Ltd currently maintains an official presence in the following venues/services: 



XCF Token Global

XCF Token Vietnam

XCF Token Nigeria

XCF Token Indonesia

XCF Token South Korea


Other Social Media

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