Cenfura Token has been renamed to XCF Token

London, UK (Tuesday 4 January 2022) – CenfuraⓇ Ltd. is glad to announce the Cenfura Token has been renamed to XCF Token.

This change represents the planned strategy of Cenfura to separate the energy and fintech services sides of the business. It also brings the introduction of the “Powered by Cenfura” trademark and indicates a new phase in Cenfura’s growth.

Going forward, Cenfura expects the strategy to bring additional markets and customers, as well as allow for better internal efficiency and delivery.

Pasi Nieminen Founder and Chairman said, “This change sets the stage for greater utilization of the token across a broader array of services and in third party projects.”

About Cenfura

Cenfura is a disruptive technology company enabling smart energy services by providing integrated digital payments technology into the energy sector.
Through the use of its digital payments solutions, Cenfura provides the bridge to the digital economy. Cenfura offers its partners energy transactions that are blockchain settled to increase efficiency, security, and provide connectivity to a range of defi applications. In addition to Cenfura’s assets, our digital payments platform can be integrated by existing third-party projects as a technology overlay to provide them a stepping-stone into the digital economy.
Cenfura assets and partner assets across the globe can use the Cenfura platform. The Cenfura Digital Payment system combined with smart energy services — technology, power production, distribution, control, and digital transactions — form the core of the platform and provides the capabilities needed to deploy energy solutions globally.

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3rd Wave’s sustainable green hotels to be Powered by Cenfura

London, UK (Monday 16 August 2021) – Cenfura Ltd. has agreed to a renewable energy partnership with 3rd Wave to power its sustainable green hotels. This agreement to implement green and sustainable energy via the Cenfura platform includes US-based properties owned and maintained by 3rd Wave. 

Each of the lifestyle hotels will be Powered by Cenfura, which means that Cenfura will implement sustainable energy delivery as well as use the Cenfura Platform across the project. This implementation gives 2 advantages - sustainable green energy delivery, and adoption of a fintech solution that improves efficiency and system management. 

Nello Cafcules, CEO of Cenfura, said, “We are delighted to work in partnership with 3rd Wave to help deliver sustainable, lifestyle hotels Powered by Cenfura. We see a fantastic opportunity for both companies to integrate renewable, green technologies into 3rd Wave’s projects.”

About 3rd Wave

3rd Wave is an emerging hotel development company composed of a strategically curated team of experienced professionals uniquely positioned to be a market leader in the industry.

We have a track record of success in capital markets, development, acquiring and repositioning assets, operations, and asset management. We have come together to capitalize on our combined capabilities and expertise to produce results beyond the expectations of our guests and partners.

About Cenfura 

Cenfura is a Smart Energy Services company developing and operating renewable energy assets globally. We deploy distributed energy grids with dynamic load handling systems powered by AI to dramatically increase efficiency over traditional renewable energy providers. Our solutions can operate in island mode and incorporate automated storage to allow deployment in regions where primary grid instability is a serious problem and can cause significant disruptions. Cenfura’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of fully distributed renewable energy across the globe.

We stand at the intersection of several important sectors – Renewable Energy, Regulatory Technology, and Fintech. Cenfura incorporates all three elements to deliver holistic solutions to our end users. We can provide scalable solutions to communities, industrial consumers, farming, mining, and government entities. 

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