What is Cenfura?

Cenfura is a disruptive Smart Energy Services & Technology company developing and operating renewable energy and fintech assets globally. We deploy distributed energy grids with dynamic load handling systems powered by AI to dramatically increase efficiency over traditional renewable energy providers.

What is the XCF Token?

Cenfura Tokens, also called XCF tokens, are Utility Tokens. Utility tokens can give holders a right to access a platform and perform a “consumptive purpose” for the products/services available on the platform for reservation or purchase. In the case of the Cenfura Platform, XCF tokens are used for access and they also completely replace fiat currency as the medium of exchange and settlement for energy goods and services. Therefore, transactions initiated with an accepted fiat currency or other allowable tokens will be automatically converted into XCF tokens at the equivalent current market value.

Why does Cenfura need its own token, why you just do not use fiat money e.g. USD?

Cenfura plans to revolutionize the way the energy markets function around the world. The token standardizes asset value generated on the Cenfura Platform into a USD rate to create a more efficient cross boarder representation of value.

What can you do with the XCF Token?

An XFC Token represents access to tokenized assets available on the Cenfura Platform.

Has as Cenfura done an ICO?

No, Cenfura has not done an ICO. Cenfura Tokens were available to strategic partners and accredited purchasers via Private Sale.

Is XCF a cryptocurrency?

No it is not. It is a Utility Token, as explained above.

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