Cenfura Token has been renamed to XCF Token

London, UK (Tuesday 4 January 2022) – CenfuraⓇ Ltd. is glad to announce the Cenfura Token has been renamed to XCF Token.

This change represents the planned strategy of Cenfura to separate the energy and fintech services sides of the business. It also brings the introduction of the “Powered by Cenfura” trademark and indicates a new phase in Cenfura’s growth.

Going forward, Cenfura expects the strategy to bring additional markets and customers, as well as allow for better internal efficiency and delivery.

Pasi Nieminen Founder and Chairman said, “This change sets the stage for greater utilization of the token across a broader array of services and in third party projects.”

About Cenfura

Cenfura is a disruptive technology company enabling smart energy services by providing integrated digital payments technology into the energy sector.
Through the use of its digital payments solutions, Cenfura provides the bridge to the digital economy. Cenfura offers its partners energy transactions that are blockchain settled to increase efficiency, security, and provide connectivity to a range of defi applications. In addition to Cenfura’s assets, our digital payments platform can be integrated by existing third-party projects as a technology overlay to provide them a stepping-stone into the digital economy.
Cenfura assets and partner assets across the globe can use the Cenfura platform. The Cenfura Digital Payment system combined with smart energy services — technology, power production, distribution, control, and digital transactions — form the core of the platform and provides the capabilities needed to deploy energy solutions globally.

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