Cenfura Nigeria Ltd agrees with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Power to provide 5 million solar connections.

London, UK (Tuesday 25 January 2022) – Cenfura Nigeria Ltd. is proud to announce the agreement with Nigerian Federal Ministry of Power in conjunction with Bauchi State Ministry of Power, Science and Technology, to provide 5 million solar connections to the people of Nigeria

The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Power and Bauchi State Ministry of Power Science and Technology will work with Cenfura to identify and close agreements with communities and stakeholders, as well as facilitate deployment and communications.

In addition to this, they will also work with Cenfura Nigeria Ltd to access the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Intervention Fund for renewable Energy deployment as well as other relevant funds to aid the deployment of the solar home system solution in Nigeria.

Dr Albert Okorogu, CEO of Cenfura Nigeria Ltd commented: “This agreement is an excellent step forward to a long term collaboration with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Power and the Bauchi State Ministry of Power, Science and Technology. We look forward to a successful and mutually beneficial partnership.”

Cenfura Nigeria’s role in the agreement is to design, fund, and implement the solution as well as develop the right business model to make the project a success. In addition, Cenfura Nigeria will work closely with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Power to communicate relevant statistics and information regarding the development, including employment creation, power production, savings, and emission reductions.

Pasi Nieminen, Founder and Chairman of Cenfura Nigeria Ltd said, “We are extremely proud to be working in such an important capacity to support the Nigerian people. Cenfura’s technical capabilities are being put to excellent use and we are excited to work with both the Nigerian Government and Bauchi State.”

About Cenfura

Cenfura Nigeria Ltd is a subsidiary of Cenfura Ltd, a disruptive technology company enabling smart energy services by providing integrated digital payments technology into the energy sector.

Through the use of its digital payments solutions, Cenfura provides the bridge to the digital economy. Cenfura offers its partners energy transactions that are blockchain settled to increase efficiency, security, and provide connectivity to a range of defi applications. In addition to Cenfura’s assets, our digital payments platform can be integrated by existing third-party projects as a technology overlay to provide them a stepping-stone into the digital economy.

Cenfura assets and partner assets across the globe can use the Cenfura platform. The Cenfura Digital Payment system combined with smart energy services — technology, power production, distribution, control, and digital transactions — form the core of the platform and provides the capabilities needed to deploy energy solutions globally.

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